Terms of Service & Use

This information applies to the use of our products and our services.



All Prime Layers actions, filters, graphics and layouts of are protected under US copyright law. They are not to be redistributed or resold in any form. Those who violate this licensing agreement will be prosecuted.

Modification, copying or sharing of any content constitutes a breach of Copyright.

You acknowledge that you may use this product for personal use or limited professional use. By purchasing Prime Layers products, you do not gain ownership, nor can you claim any product as your own.

You are not allowed to modify, share, sell, transfer, copy or gift the right to use these actions and presets to anyone else. This product should, under no circumstance, be posted or uploaded to the Internet. POSTING A LINK FOR OTHERS TO DOWNLOAD PRIME LAYERS PRODUCTS IS A FELONY.

This product may only be installed on a computer directly owned by the purchaser. The images enhanced with these actions and/or overlays may only be used for personal or commercial projects. Any products given to a client must be in a non-editable file format.

It is expected that the purchaser will back up his/her own actions and/or presets on an external storage device. Prime Layers is not responsible for lost files for any reason, but may be willing to re-issue the product once a valid purchase receipt has been provided. Prime Layers is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss/damage arising from the use of our products in whatever form.

ALL DIGITAL SALES ARE FINAL SALES. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS. Prime Layers reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service and Use at any time.

Affiliate Program Guidelines

As an Affiliate, you also have additional responsibilities when using our Site and Service; you agree that you will not:

Send spam messages through your use of the Service. Create more than one affiliate account. Attempt to inflate your commissions by circumventing or otherwise compromising our systems. Collect, scrape, or store data about other Affiliates or Clients. Commit fraud or preform any illegal activities through your use of the service. Post ads on offensive, illegal, hateful, pornographic, or otherwise distasteful websites. Post ads or links in a "Desktop" advertising scheme. This includes any and all 3rd party advertising platforms that use a desktop application to display ads in any form.

We may suspend or terminate your account immediately, if you violate any of these guidelines or we feel that your actions may harm Prime Layers.

You agree that you are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with your use of the Prime Layers Site and Service. Although we may deduct nexus taxes or other taxes from any fees paid to any Affiliates, you agree that if we do not, you will pay any associated taxes, levies, or fees.

Page last updated: September 19, 2016

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