The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask
The Every Day Mask

The Every Day Mask

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In Stock. Ships now. 5 Star Rated. 

*Works great for those who wear hearing aids!*

Every Prime Layers mask is hand sewn right here in the USA by small uniform manufacturing shops who, until recently, were whipping up uniforms and apparel for the hospitality industry.

Our double-layer masks are designed to last. Constructed with the same high-quality 100% chambray cotton typically reserved for high-end service industry uniforms, every mask is machine-washable and stitched to perfection. Designed to both feel great and meet the CDC guidelines for face coverings. 

Easy to put on. Easy to wear. Our extra-soft, extra-wide masks contour to your nose, cheeks, and chin to deliver snug, all-day comfort and safety.

Our Masks Are...

  • Up to all CDC guidelines for Fabric Face Coverings
  • Reusable Over and Over
  • Soft, Lightweight, and Breathable
  • Tightly Woven Layers
  • Designed for Repeated Machine Washings

"Really like them. Comfortable. Love the straps instead of ear loops since I do wear hearing aids. That's a very big deal for me!" -Stuart J.

"This style really helps since not only do I wear glasses but I also have hearing instruments around both ears. Now I can wear a mask without fiddling with it all! Yay" - Karen H. 

"This is the most breathable mask I've tried so far. Very comfortable. I'm happy it doesn't interfere with my hearing aids. That's very helpful. As my audiologist says, there's only so much real estate back there." - Darby G. 

"The reason I wanted to try these is because I wear behind the ear hearing aids. With my glasses on it becomes quite bulky behind me ears. Taking the procedure masks on and off can cause quite a bit of a tangled mess. Today I went out to several stops wearing your masks, not only did they not interfere behind my ear I was surprised to find I could keep the mask on the entire time I was out and breath without overheating. Adjust to fit and no foggy glasses. Nice job." - Frederick W. 

"Finally found a mask that works. These masks are generous in size, reaching to the bridge of the nose [with a bit of reinforcement to hold it there] and all the way under the chin. But the BEST part is that my husband and I can comfortably wear our hearing aids without elastic competing for "ear space". These are the most comfortable masks we've worn and we have a whole stack of others which we'll jettison." - Cate C.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1469 reviews
Juan S. (Washington)

very well made!

LISA A. (Nebraska)
Great mask!

I purchased 3 masks hoping these would be masks I can wear daily for work and will hold up to regular washing. As a small business owner myself navigating the pandemic, I loved that they are made in US by a small business doing what they can to keep people employed. As for the mask's quality and function, I am very pleased. The fabric is a heavier grade material that is comfortable on the face and it has been cut and sewn properly so it washes up well. It fits perfectly around my face, no gaping and the nose piece is pliable and works well with my glasses-glasses sit perfectly on on my face without sliding or having to wear them further down on the bridge of my nose to avoid fogging. Wish I would have stumbled upon these at the beginning of the pandemic, it would have saved months of frustration. Highly recommend.

Susan D. (New York)
Well made, fits great, a bit thin.

These would be absolutely perfect if they came with the ability to insert a filter, or if they had 3 layers.

Katrina L. (Pennsylvania)

The Every Day Mask

Ty L. (Colorado)

The Every Day Mask

Sherri M. (Alberta)
Well made but bigger than I expected

These are very nice and came to western Canada a lot faster than anything coming from eastern Canada. Well made but they are quite big on my face. I wear hearing aids and now as a nurse I am wearing protective eyewear as well as a mask so there is so much that sits on my ears that it really hurts after a while. Hopefully these will help.

Frank S. (New York)
The All Day Mask

Perfect for those with glasses or hearing aids who have to wear a mask, or go without it multiple times a day. I put mine first thing in the morning and just pull it up or down as required by the situation. Doesn’t disturb my glasses or expensive hearing aids.

Dale M. (Kansas)

fit well only problem the inside layer after a while will go in and out up against your face.

Donald K. (New Jersey)
Great mask that doesn’t fog your glassses.

I am very pleased with the prime layer masks. Because they don’t center on the ears they are more comfortable and don’t interfere with my glasses and hearing aids. I have already lost a hearing aid when I removed my mask and it pulled the hearing aid with it and flung it on the ground without me realizing it. Another great feature is that my glasses don’t fog up with this mask. The only downside of the mask is that it comes out of the wash very wrinkled. It literally needs to be ironed in order to fit right and look good.

Rod S. (Texas)
Well made and comfortable

These masks are great. They are a bit large, especially for someone with glasses, however, they provide great coverage of both the nose and mouth. I love that my elder parents can wear them with their hearing aids due to the strap design. Thanks!